Our Story

Everything the
insurance industry
was missing.

We’re Entsia, a close-knit team of tech-hands and insurance geeks who’ve been in the game since way back, continuing to reach further and push boundaries. While we’ve had a long history in the insurance industry, our journey really began in 2011.

Having worked individually for a diverse range of insurers and underwriting organisations, we understood the potential of a fully integrated cloud-based platform.

Before Entsia began, we were being asked to build the same thing, time and again. Nothing was reused. All too often we found ourselves bogged down amongst a chaotic landscape of divergent systems.

That's why we came together to create Entsia

A single platform to cover all the unique policy distribution and claim needs of every kind of insurance provider.

For product management teams

Offer customers self-service at any time and through any channel.

For distribution & sales teams

Offer a seamless, omni-channel customer journey.

For digital & technology teams

Achieve the benefits of a bespoke development without the technical and delivery risks.

Our mission

Is to help more companies with great insurance products gain access to the opportunities they deserve. So, reach out to Entsia and start reaching further.

Want to start reaching further?

Contact our team to discover more.