Solutions for

Digital & Technology Teams

You won’t find the right single software platform for you on the shelf, it takes a bespoke build to properly satisfy your needs. Entsia solves this challenge so you can reach further.

The responsibilities of developing external systems – that are effective and on budget, all with the pressures of a timeline – are a lot to take on. It’s a challenge that can easily bog down digital and tech teams from insurance providers.

Entsia lets you:

  • Achieve the benefits of a bespoke development without the technical and delivery risks.
  • Take advantage of industry-leading time to market and cost efficiency.
  • Bridge all external systems with your core insurance systems via a single platform.
  • Support all current and future channels and service models. 
  • Rest assured with a secure, robust solution. 
  • Be ready for the open API insurance industry.

No matter what role you play in your organisation

Entsia can make your life easier enabling you to reach further.

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