Cloud-based Insurance Software

Experience the future of Insurance with our cloud-based insurance solution.

Innovative Cloud-Based Insurance Software

Entsia provides an end to end future-proofed insurance platform. Deploy your insurance products to any and all channels using innovative cloud-based technology. An automated solution for insurance distribution. You and your customers will experience drastically enhanced user experience, while increasing efficiency. Our cloud-based software allows users to access the application from anywhere, anytime. The platform provides agencies, underwriters, and insurers with a seamless, simple-to-use distribution-focused policy and claims management solution.

How Our Cloud Insurance Software Helps

Anywhere, Anytime Access

You and your customers can access the platform from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. Manage policies, claims and client interactions on the go.

Connect to more markets

Connect to more markets deploying your products to any and all channels with our adaptive cloud technology.

Streamline and Simplify processes

Simplify your processes, streamline claims processing and enhance underwriting accuracy. Our cloud-based solution enables you to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, automate processes and minimise errors.

Improved Customer Experience

Our user-friendly and comprehensive interface enhances the overall experience, allowing customers to perform all necessary tasks and navigate the platform quickly and efficiently.

Key features

Entsia provides an end-to-end future-proof platform using adaptive cloud technology.

Safeguarding your data is a key priority for our business. We are ISO27001 certified proving our commitment to the highest standards – you can trust that we are fully compliant and secure. Our end-to-end solution was built with flexibility in mind ensuring our customers and the industry’s changing needs are always able to be met. Our technology is secure, proven, scalable and flexible.

Grow your business effortlessly with our scalable cloud solution. Enabling you to connect to more markets and deploy more products to any and all channels with our adaptive cloud technology.

We are constantly releasing new features, improvements and updates within our platform through regular release cycles ensuring your solution remains up to date with the latest security patches features and improvements.

The ability to consume any third party data sources to further enrich the quote and policy data prior to processing. The platform has been designed from the ground up to enable external, digital interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers at all stages of the business process.

We leverage built in disaster recovery capabilities ensuring critical data can be quickly restored in event of system failures or disasters ensuring business continuity and minimising downtime.

We provide cost-effective, low-risk technology that is available to meet the increasingly complex distribution requirements coupled with a range of service offerings tailored to suit our customer’s needs – big or small. Our proven delivery management framework covers the full project lifecycle. We see our customers’ success as integral to our own, and our commitment extends beyond the initial implementation to provide ongoing support for long-term satisfaction.

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