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Our customer

A large global insurer offering some of the most recognised insurance brands across Australia and New Zealand.

The business problem

The commercial insurance division was on a legacy application that no longer met the needs of the business. The constraints of the legacy platform and technology meant it was difficult for the business to adapt quickly to market changes, introduce new products and implement new business rules and processes associated with regulatory changes. One of the leading distribution platforms the company leveraged, Steadfast Client Trading Platform (SCTP), had introduced a new solution and their existing legacy technology and integration was no longer compatible. It was a priority for the business to move to the new SCTP to ensure they were able to continue to reach prospective customers in the market. The business case for an investment in the digital transformation of the commercial technology platform was approved. The project was considered to be critical and high-risk due to the complexity of the integration to leading distribution platforms.

The project

Our customer evaluated a number of options and the Entsia platform was selected to support the digital transformation of the commercial lines business. Key to the decision was Entsia’s demonstrated subject matter expertise of the commercial insurance sector and their proven experience in integrating to complex distribution channels, including SCTP. The Entsia team being based locally, was a significant advantage and helped to ensure greater collaboration and a successful delivery of this large complex project for our customer.

The Outcome

Our customer’s commercial team now has a modern highly configurable and flexible digital platform that supports the ongoing delivery of new products, with integration to key distribution channels across Australia and New Zealand. They are able to readily adapt and make changes to products to meet market demands in an agile manner supporting the growth of their business.

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