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Reach Further

No insurance market is out of sight.

We know getting insurance products in front of prospective customers can be a huge headache – we’ve built a solid, secure and scalable solution. Entsia provides an end-to-end future-proof platform deploying your products to any and all channels using adaptive cloud technology.

The platform that helps you grow

Whatever sized business you are – we’ll get you in the market. Our end-to-end solution was built with flexibility in mind. Which means you and your changing needs come first.

Build once - deploy everywhere - fast

Once you’re set up, you’re set – there’s no need to build for every product you need to take to market.

Because we understand each market entry point back-to-front and our technology fits with all of them – enabling you to reach further.

Leading our industry so you can lead yours

We’re a leading-edge tech player that always delivers. With a long history, we’re the trusted partner and best kept secret in the insurance industry.

Security is a key priority – we are ISO 27001 certified, proving our commitment to the highest standards – you can trust that we are fully compliant and secure.

A seamless end-to-end solution – supporting all legacy, modern and future channels and service models – reach your full potential.

Why Choose Us?

Speed & Cost
to Market

Whether you’re large, small or in between, we’ll get you in market quickly and cost effectively.

Expert Insurance

We’re a leading edge tech player that’s trusted, tried and tested. With a long history in the insurance industry our team have serviced some of the best known companies in the insurance business helping them to reach further.

Product Configurability & Flexibility

Our end to end solution was built with flexibility in mind. That means you and your changing needs come first.

Hear from some of our Customers

The Platform that grows with you. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you reach further.

About Us

We’re Entsia, a solution focussed digital player that’s changing the way insurers reach their markets. An end to end digital platform that simply works. We live a ‘build once, deploy everywhere’ strategy founded on our belief in working smarter, not harder. Behind the platform is a group of passionate insurance and tech experts that work closely, with a razor sharp focus on building scalable end to end solutions that always meet our client’s needs.

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