Underwriting Software

Streamline the underwriting process to automatically assess risk appetite and opportunities.

Revolutionise Underwriting with our Advanced Software Solution

Entsia is designed using cloud-native principles to ensure scalability and resilience. Our digital-first philosophy provides a secure, reliable, cloud based digital underwriting solution with out-of-the-box integration to key placement platforms.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Automated Underwriting Rules

Configure business rules to automatically check declines, referrals, straight-through-processing eligibility and apply endorsements based on business risk appetite, underwriting guidelines and team capacity. Underwriting outcomes can be presented to the customer or broker in real-time saving you time, reducing cost and improving the customer experience.

Integrated Underwriter Workbench

Providing self-service from a single underwriting workbench for all products and distribution channels. The workbench also provides intuitive and easy access to all underwriting information with the ability to perform underwriting actions such as premium adjustments, adding endorsement clauses etc, resulting in significant improvements in time to decision.

Data Enrichment Services in Real time

Seamlessly integrate to data enrichment services to provide easy access to key underwriting metrics and/or automate underwriting rules resulting in improved underwriting efficiency, accuracy, decision-making time and customer satisfaction.

Referral Management

Streamline and monitor the referral management process ensuring it is efficient, transparent and compliant with regulations.

Business Rule Agility

Elevate your business with a robust rules engine that enables prompt changes to underwriting rules. This ensures adaptability and responsiveness to changes in policies, customer needs, ever-evolving regulatory frameworks, and market conditions.

Benefits of Entsia’s Underwriting Software

Our underwriting solution offers numerous benefits including improved accuracy, efficiency, consistency and customer satisfaction. Help your business reach further with Entsia’s underwriting software:

Improve Productivity

  • Streamline your underwriting team’s workload by automatically prioritsing quote opportunities based on business risk appetite e.g. sum insured, location, product, channel, account etc.
  • The automation of underwriting rules enables your underwriting team to focus their energy on high-value underwriting tasks and avoid the mundane and trivial.

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce time spent on reviewing quote opportunities that don’t fall within the business’ risk appetite by automatically declining quotes
  • Allow straight through processing of quotes that fall within the underwriting guidelines saving time and reducing cost.

Improved Customer Experience

  • Provide customers with quicker response times by reducing the time required to make underwriting decisions
  • Provide the ability for brokers and/or customer to self-serve and automatically issue policies within the underwriting guidelines.

Business Agility

  • Rapidly adjust your underwriting rules based on internal and external factors such as changing market conditions, transaction volumes, risk appetite, regulatory changes etc.
  • Gain more control of when and how underwriting rules are changed. Entsia is designed to support making underwriting rule changes without the overhead.

Scalable by design, leveraging state of the art tools for intelligent and highly automated underwriting.

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