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Distribution & Sales Teams

Successful insurance distribution is heavy work that takes many hands. No matter what role you play in your organisation, Entsia can make your life easier so you can reach further.

These days, sales can be made and lost based on whether your product is in the right place, at the right time – hard to get right in the vast digital world. And it’s not enough just to be there; important legwork needs to be done in order to maximise and truly capitalise on every opportunity.

Entsia lets you:

  • Configure channel-specific user experience and journeys from one product cube.
  • Offer a seamless, omni-channel customer journey. 
  • Enjoy freedom from silos and duplication with one solution for all digital and hybrid channels. 
  • Support multiple brands with specific rules, pricing and cover options as needed.
  • Capture detailed analytics from user interface across the solution and analyse in the tool of your choice.
  • Support general insurance, life insurance and claims across all devices from mobile to desktop.

No matter what role you play in your organisation

Entsia can make your life easier enabling you to reach further.

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