Insurance Claims Solution

Fully integrated
and inclusive.

Claims are a critical component of any insurance business and we provide a fully featured Claims solution.

Our Claims solution is channel aware and digitally focused from the ground up, with external parties fully included in the process.

What Makes Us Different?

Entsia focuses on end-to-end automation that offers a raft of advantages.

Fully Integrated Solution

Fully integrated claims processing with automated data transfer from policy information to claim where required throughout the process.

End To End Processing

Streamlined & more efficient end-to-end claims processing from first notification of loss (FNOL), review, assessment, payments, recoveries and final settlement.

External Integration

External access for first notification of loss (FNOL), claim status tracking, assessments and other functions.

World Class Reporting

Powerful reporting through the combined data set of policies, claims, digital channels and user behaviour.

Claims Features

First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Increase customer accessibility & satisfaction by providing an omnichannel experience for claim lodgements via direct, staff and broker portal. Support multiple FNOL touchpoints over a variety of channels including but not limited to: starting a lodgement, emailing a FNOL link to continue lodgement later, claims tracker to view claim status, secure document upload to upload claim attachments etc

Real-time Triage & Assessment

Streamline claim data allowing claims to be triaged and assigned in real-time. Reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Automated Cover Check

Fully integrate with Entsia policy solution including policy data transfer – allowing automated upfront cover checks to fast track ‘straight-through-processing’ calims.

Claim Reserves & Payment

Manage reserves at a risk level for accurate reporting of loss ratios and automate reserves based on claim type. Record benefit, excess, expense and recovery payments and automate authorisation limits, payment files etc.

What our customers say

One solution for all insurance functionality

Our end-to-end digital insurance platform includes a comprehensive claims management module that can be used in combination with our policy administration solution, or standalone. One integrated solution to streamline processes, reduce costs, provide valuable insights and improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and financial outcomes.

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