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Entsia gives you an end-to-end digital insurance solution spanning the full breadth of policy and claims functions, for all classes of insurance products.

Forward-thinking, problem-solving

Entsia was built with flexibility in mind – so you and your changing needs come first. How much further could you reach with access to an easy-to-use distribution platform, that’s constantly innovating?

One platform,
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Bolster your existing framework or replace your legacy core systems entirely, with Entsia’s UX-focused omni-channel solution.

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Key features

Keeping on top of multiple distribution channels while providing an intuitive and effective user experience can be a juggle at the best of times. Transform fragmented customer journeys into a seamless omni-channel experience with Entsia.

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Distribution across multiple channels used to mean a lot of repetitive build time, tedious work hours and unnecessary expenditure. Entsia’s out-of-the-box integration to market placement platforms allows you to distribute your products across any platform with ease. 

We support a range of placement platforms, including:

  • Ebix Sunrise Exchange
  • Steadfast Client Trading Platform (SCTP)
  • AON CoverWallet
  • AUB Express Cover
  • Aggregators.

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Deciding whether to go to the effort of building your own web portals or settle for the limitations of an off-the-shelf option can be a daunting process. Entsia brings you the best of both worlds, with a flexible solution configurable to your needs – complete with unmatched UX capabilities and analytics to drive optimisation and lead generation.

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What if you could know, from the outset, whether potential leads were eligible for insurance, rather than at the end of the user journey? Entsia’s smart front end supports your core business logic, selling and managing your insurance products while automating your data entry and user flow. 

Discover how Entsia’s front end capabilities can increase conversion and retention across all your desired channels. 

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Insurance products are as diverse as their underlying risk protection needs. And when it comes to digital distribution tools, one size doesn’t fit all – or does it? Entsia serves your every need with a single solution. Utilise our agnostic, tailorable solution to handle all your service requirements from product design to underwriting, policy management to claims and beyond. 

Entsia is one platform that covers it all, from Property through to Health, Casualty, Life and Group Benefits. 

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In the past it took a large team of professionals to integrate internal and external insurance systems. Now, Entsia makes integration a breeze, with one seamless, cost-effective solution. 

Whatever your unique integration needs, we can help you discover the best approach for you.

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“Quote and bind” doesn’t count for much if it isn’t followed up with full lifecycle policy servicing. Take care of all aspects of the policy journey, with Entsia’s out-of-the-box solution – to take the digital relationship with your customers beyond initial acquisition.

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It’s no secret – the more you know about your business the better you’ll perform. Optimise your operations and enhance visibility throughout your portfolio, while removing the need for a reporting team. Entsia gives you sophisticated reporting capabilities, including optional daily data extracts for internal analysis of your entire data set.

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