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Our Customer

ATL is a modern transport underwriting agency providing specialist insurance products through broker partners to the Australian market, with solutions for small and medium companies as well as taxi and rideshare operators.

Entsia’s strong technical knowledge was a key driver for ATL, who needed to update their policy and claims technology to allow for greater automation and digital distribution capabilities, through the complex Ebix Sunrise Exchange channel.

“We wanted people with deep expertise, and were looked after very well” Nick Evans, ATL

Our Approach

Leaning on our technical knowledge to meet project requirements, we worked closely with ATL throughout the build with an Agile 2-week sprint methodology.

This approach allowed us to maintain momentum while taking the time where required with ATL to get the final implementation spot on prior to deployment given the complexities of the Sunrise distribution channel


We delivered two key packages, one for Transport Operators and the other Passenger Transport, distributing through the Ebix Sunrise Exchange channel – a rarity for small to mid-sized underwriting agencies, due to the complexity and traditional expense.

We also replaced all policy, claims and credit control systems. Providing a technical solution that reaches from the broker management system to the bank account.

The Outcome

This project successfully connected ATL to the Ebix Sunrise Exchange distribution channel, enabling the business to scale with confidence.

In doing so, it has unlocked new self-service capabilities for the broker market, accessing the majority of open market brokers in Australia. As well as delivering fully integrated claims with further integration to motor assessors and a credit control partner.

ATL’s Nick Evans commended the deep insurance knowledge of our team, and their extensive understanding of the technology – always thinking about the knock-on effects of any actions ahead of time, ensuring a well thought out long-term solution.

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