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Hutch is a digital underwriting agency focused on offering specialised products to the SME Construction and Strata sectors. Their objective is to provide brokers with market leading service. In the SME sector this requires complex automation to handle the volumes. They recognised the need to invest in a digital insurance platform, and key to their decision in selecting a vendor was reputation, and proven experience integrating into key distribution channels.

We recently sat down with Robin Johnson, CEO and Founder, to learn more about why they selected Entsia. Here’s what he had to say:

“We selected Entsia based on their reputation in the market and their proven ability to integrate to multiple complex distribution channels and easily incorporate real-time data sources. As a recently established underwriting agency it means we have really been able to hit the ground running, reach more customers and really scale our business quickly.”

Robin described the implementation of the Entsia policy administration solution as fast and simple and was impressed with the collaborative approach taken by the Entsia team. He was particularly impressed with how quickly they were able to go live.

Much of this was due to Entsia’s pre-built integrations to the technically complex distribution channels in the local market. For Hutch, this started with eBix Sunrise Exchange and work is already underway to deploy to the Steadfast Client Trading Platform SCTP. He also spoke about the ease of relationship and ease of project, as benefits of working with Entsia.

“The Entsia team being local was a real differentiator for us when evaluating solutions. They all have deep industry knowledge, and their approach is very friendly and collaborative resulting in faster decisions and a successful outcome. All in all, it just makes for a very easy relationship”.

Entsia, was founded to address the lack of out of the box distribution capability in the general insurance market. Our primary focus is on distribution of intermediated commercial insurance. 

Our solution offers an agile digital layer with connectivity to brokers and partners. Our digital distribution layer is part of our core platform – it is not an “add on layer”. This means that when product changes are made, they are automatically reflected on the external channels. Our platform has been designed from the start to support re-use of product components and to allow product changes to be implemented quickly and with low risk.

As an agency just starting out these capabilities were important to Hutch. “The Entsia solution is highly configurable and flexible, so they were readily able to meet our needs. It gives us the confidence & assurance that as we grow Entsia will be able to deliver a solution for any new products we bring to market in the future.”

Entsia customers include large multi-national insurers and small agencies specialising in complex commercial products.

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