6 December 2021

ATL’s insider perspective on how Entsia and Grappler are changing the game in digital transformation.

Press Release

Here’s what you missed from last week’s webinar.

According to the host of last week’s Entsia webinar, digital transformation is set to be the driving force in “the long overdue disruption of the insurance industry”.

The webinar featured Nick Evans (COO of ATL Insurance), Alistair McElligott (CEO and Founder of Entsia) and Alistair Harold (CEO and Founder of Grappler). Each brought a fresh perspective to the way technology is being leveraged to automate processes and enable growth.

Although the notion of future proofing isn’t new, what is different is the way the insurance industry is now able to access cloud-based technology that delivers greater reach, agile capabilities and the ability to refocus on core business.

Sharing their experiences in digital transformation, the panel took questions from insurance industry professionals and encouraged discussion on how implementing process-oriented systems accelerated time to value for their organisations.

One of the key takeaways was a reveal by the panel of the Top 3 benefits of digital transformation:

  • Automation Leading To Scale & Growth
  • Increased Capacity & Better Controls
  • Freedom to Work From Anywhere

Whilst the panel agreed on the immense benefits to their businesses and the industry at large, they were also keen to underline that to drive success a few elements are key. At the top of this checklist is engaging an expert partner who understands your specific requirements – and has the expertise to deliver.

Alistair McElligott (Entsia) added – “We’re exceptionally proud of the transformations we have helped our friends at ATL achieve. The Entsia and Grappler technology has been key. It’s important to note that success has been attained because organisations like ATL are savvy enough to realise that transformation at this scale takes experience to ensure success. ATL provided us with a clear vision of what they wanted to realise and allowed enough time, stage by stage to get there”.

Alistair Harold (Grappler): “The insights on debtor management data Grappler provides will enable ATL to make more informed business decisions as they continue to grow and scale.”

For further enquiries, please email: Entsia contact@entsia.com or Grappler contactus@grappler.io

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