18 February 2022

Entsia Digital Transformation presentation sets the vision for future success

Media Release

Date: 08/02/2022
Venue: Swissotel, Sydney
Guest speakers: Alistair McElligott & Jason Koehn

Sharing all the digital smarts at the recent Digital Insurance Summit, speakers Alistair McElligott and Jason Koehn gave attendees key insights for successfol transformation to stay agile and scalable in a competitive world.

Entsia are the solution focussed digital insurance experts, providing leading policy management and distribution, claims and credit control insurance solutions for customers of all sizes and needs. Their end-to-end digital platform grows with businesses as they evolve. Build once – deploy everywhere, now businesses can access every opportunity faster, easier, and more effectively.

Alistair revealed some common approaches to successfol digital transformations:

  1. Being blinded by the vision

Successfol projects have clarity of vision, a ruthless application to it and a driven team that pushes it forward.

  1. Starting with a blank sheet of paper

Migration is not transformation. Start from scratch instead of doing the same thing and expecting different resolts.

“Focus on being future proof”

  1. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all

With transformation, one system won’t solve everything. Look for solutions that are best in class, scalable with the revenue of a given product, and that have been proven to work.

  1. Integrating your vendors into your team

Successfol transformation happens with true team integration which leads to improved efficiencies, stronger ideas, and a ‘one team’ focus.

  1. Being curious to evolve and innovate

Transformation doesn’t have an end date. Invest in long term evolution and innovation.

  1. Knowing both strengths and weakness

When you invest in vendor software, knowing both their strengths and weaknesses can help you find the right solutions.

  1. Implementing pragmatic thinking and agility

Think logically about the future and working more agile delivers greater benefits.

  1. Focusing on creed

When assessing partners and suppliers, it is important to focus on their CREED not the size of their company:

C = Credentials – check for credentials; R = References – Ask for references; E = Experience – Check for experience; E = Expertise – Check for expertise; D = Domain – Check for domain knowledge

  1. Having an appetite for risk

What is your willingness to co-invest in the development of the functionality not available out of the box?

Do you want to bring 30 years of legacy to your digital transformation? Stay tuned for the next Entsia Digital Transformation seminar as Entsia continues to help businesses go further.

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